Here are a few common questions we receive about our bathroom remodel services.

Are you licensed and insured?
Yes our California license is 892702. We are bonded, insured and experienced

What’s your companies process for a bath remodel?
1st give Mike a call and he will come out and take a look and start the estimate process.  2nd, once we have an agreement, either you can visit our tile distributer at DAL or Arizona for a free design consult.  Than choose your bath remodel fixtures, vanity, tile etc. Than we come in, demo per the agreement and remodel your bathroom.  Mike is there through-out working on the job also.  

Why should we choose you over other companies?
If you want the best, licensed and experienced small bath remodel company, than we’re your choice.  We pride ourselves on high end work done with pride and integrity.  We are not a corporate bath renovation company and our small crew will focus on giving you the best job at a fair price.  All our remodel work is done cleanly and detailed throughout.

What is an average cost for a small condo bathroom?
Depends on the size but for a complete tear down, new plumbing, waterproofing, showerpan, wall and floor tile, the labor cost is between $5000-$8000. Materials cost depends on quality and selection.  The labor cost can vary depending on the level of bath renovation and size.

What is the average cost of a large master bath?
Many variables go into a large master bath such as if it’s a complete tear down or just updated tile work.  Most large master baths start at $9000 labor on up depending on the level of renovation.